Cold Spring Record Policies

Letters to the Editor

The letters to the editor page is open to readers and can be used to provide a forum for comments on subjects of current and general interest. All letters to the editor must be signed and must include the writer's address and telephone number. Libelous letters will not be published. The Record reserves the right to edit all letters. Opinions expressed on the letters to the editor page do not necessarily represent those of The Cold Spring Record and its staff.

Any letters endorsing political candidates are subject to a 5 cent per word charge which must be paid in advance.

Errors and Omissions

The Record is not liable for errors made by our advertisers. If we are at fault, our financial responsibility shall not exceed supplying a correction letter and giving credit for the space occupied by the incorrect item. We will take responsibility for errors in the first insertion only. Claims cannot be made on the same error appearing in subsequent advertisements. Every effort will be made to avoid the omission of an advertisement; but should an omission occur, we do not assume liability or financial responsibility for the omission.

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