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By Mike Austreng, Editor

As things “open back up” and less and less places demand we wear masks (at least for those of us who are vaccinated) it seems it might be time for our Governor to end his “Emergency Power” that he enrolled himself in well over a year ago.

In a report we read our Governor doesn’t believe the lack of employees available to businesses is the fault of enhanced unemployment benefits – Really? It’s interesting how far removed from life in the “real world” he appears to be with those beliefs, especially when the majority of returned surveys sent out to business owners said they see the benefit as the main contributing factor.

We personally have had people say, “why would I go back to work and take a cut in pay?”

Before COVID and the extended and enhanced benefits, unemployment benefits didn’t cover the total an employee made, it was less – an incentive to get out there and find a job. Now our government has not only extended the number of weeks one can collect, they’ve added $300 a week to the benefit (down from the original $600 per week).

This was nice of them, and it probably saved a lot of people from financial ruin, but it also encouraged some people to seek losing their job and collecting the benefit. Once the job was lost and benefits received it makes sense that there isn’t any real incentive to finding new work.

People might think the food and beverage industry has been hardest hit, but there are countless other businesses that are struggling to fill positions. Many are shutting down early, or dropping services they offer, or worse – shutting their doors for good.

Wake up Governor Walz. You need to think of ways to help businesses get back to operating like they did prior to COVID. The struggle to make ends meet is bad enough without having to cut hours of operation.

We’d love to hear what the reason why the Governor Walz is hanging onto his emergency powers — care to explain, Mr. Walz?


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It doesn’t seem possible that another class has graduated from ROCORI High School. This year’s class includes our grandson who it seems was not too long ago trying to find things to entertian himself with during his visits to grandpa’s house. Where does time go?

We remember the days before he started preschool like they were just last week, yet he has walked to the podium and accepted his diploma from the same high school we graduated from all those years ago.

Some days we think about how much we’d give to go back a few years (maybe 20 or 30) and live those days over again. Not that we’d change much, but we sure wouldn’t mind having the extra time again – back when our body didn’t hurt so much and we could do much more than we do today.

It’s funny how we didn’t understand our grandpa’s complaining about his fingers hurting – until now. Anyone who reached retirement age will tell you there are a lot more examples of things on your body that didn’t used to hurt, but do now. Enjoy while you can because life has a way of sneaking up on you.


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School is out for the summer. Town ball has been underway for a while. Summer storms are back in the forecast and this past weekend might have been a good example of what our days living in Florida might be like – we will never complain.

Have A Good Week!

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