Corner Copy

By Mike Austreng, Editor

There was a time when the classified section of most any newspaper was much, much bigger than anytime in the past few years. Use of newspaper classified ads has diminished greatly over the years with most people resorting to the internet to find or sell what they want.

There are still people who believe in using newspaper classified ads – people looking for employees and garage sale ads are the two most prevalent.

Once in a while you’ll find a vehicle or lawnmower or snowblower – or farm equipment – being sold through classifieds in newspapers.

In our world of internet connectivity there are people who try their best to solicit a newpaper’s help in getting people to sign up or give out their personal information.

When one of those people make contact with us – almost always through email – we almost always hit delete because of the way the person wrote to us. Sometimes spelling or wording can give considerable hints as to how legitimate the person or company is. If we aren’t suspect, we still try to check out the company to see if there’s a chance it could be real.

As much as we try, there will be an occasional ad that might get through so we simply urge our readers to approach any ad with a bit of caution.


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We’ve been a Vikings fan for as long as we can remember, including their very early years in the 1960s when we’d sit and watch the games with our dad – we remember him yelling at the TV during a lot of the games and couldn’t understand how anyone could get so excited about a football game.

The team has had some memorable years. Especially the years when the “Purple People Eaters” when the defensive line of Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall and Gary Larsen seemed to dominate the line.

If you are a fan in the early days, who could forget quarterback Fran Tarkenton. That guy probably ran more yards than any other player on the team getting away from the defense trying to complete a pass.

Those were some good times for Vikings fans and there have been a few shining moments over the years, but the team has yet to get close to winning a Super Bowl game – even though they’ve played in four times. Most of those games ended in embarrassing losses – only one was close, a 16-6 loss to the Steelers.

A few years ago the team announced their answer to achieving the every team’s ultimate goal, the Super Bowl trophy, they signed a really expensive quarterback, Kirk Cousins. He was touted as the answer to all the team’s problems when it came to the big trophy.

We might be off base a little, but the money the team spent on this one player probably contributed to the lack of defense this year when the team had to drop at least four really good defensive players (our thought is those players were dropped to meet the salary cap).

The truth is, the team was embarrassing when it came to its defense. They averaged over 26 points per game, but only won seven games.

Every year we hear the media boasting it’s going to be a good year and every year the team seems to fall short. After the last game of the season players and coaches said this season gave them something to build on – no kidding, right?

There is no question this was a very strange professional football season with little to no fans in the stands. It had to be pretty strange to be a player on the field with nobody there to cheer.


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It was sad to see protesters storm the Capital last week. What many might have thought would be a peaceful protest turned ugly with the latest report that five people died because of the riot.

Sadder is that, once again, most on the left side are saying President Trump should be removed from office through impeachment or use of the 25th ammendment.

Trump is being blamed for the riot, with claims that he incited the actions of the thugs that damaged and took over the Capital building.

On the news there were countless requests that the security staff at the Capital resign because they failed to stop the crowd from taking over the building. If you watched the news you saw the large crowd that wasn’t going to be stopped.

For members of Congress to waste time trying to oust President Trump seems like a terrible waste of time – especially since he will remain in office for less than two weeks.

President Trump finally gave his version of a concession when he said there will be a smooth transition of power from his administration to President Elect Joe Biden.

As if 2020 and COVID weren’t enough, it will be great to get past this election and all the rhetoric surrounding it.

Have A Good Week!

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