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By Mike Austreng, Editor

You know it’s been cold when 38 degrees above zero feels warm, but that’s the case this week after what seemed like forever below zero temperatures plagued our area.

The deep freeze went all the way to the southern part of Texas where they were hit with snow and freezing rain that left millions without power for five days (at the time of this writing) – can you imagine losing power here for five days last week when there were several days that didn’t climb above the zero mark?

Power from electricity and fuel runs everything in our lives. There would be very few survivors if our world didn’t have power to run our lights and vehicles and we were forced to live off the land lake many of our ancestors.

The one-hour long news program that airs on Sunday evening did a report on apparent Russian hacking into a power grid that opened a lot of eyes about just how vulnerable our grid is. We recently read a book that was written about terrorists attacking the United States power grid and how devastating it would be. We wouldn’t have put a lot of thought into the story because it was a mystery novel, but just prior to that we had read a book about a manmade virus that terrorists attempted to purposely spread the virus in the United States, beginning in Texas – we happened to read that one just as the COVID pandemic took ahold here. It was very interesting and put a little different spin on COVID for us while we read the book.

The news show about the hacking of our power grid should have opened a lot of eyes about how vulnerable we are, no matter how safe we think our world of computers is. Yet, where would we be without our computers?


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Vaccine roll out appears to continue to struggle with only 13% of Minnesotans vaccinated as of late last week. President Biden promises many million more doses out by summer. For those of us who are not first tier people, summer seems like a long time to wait, but wait we must.

It’s interesting to us that during the Presidential campaign we heard over and over how President Trump didn’t have a plan for how to fight COVID – that then candidate Biden had a plan – yet we haven’t heard too much of what we’d call a plan to overcome this pandemic; unless you count being told to wear a mask for 100 days a plan.

It’s hard to imagine the complexity of getting the majority of United States citizens a vaccination, especially when the vaccine requires extremely cold temperatures to be stored in. Then again, there must have been someone, somewhere who created an app that would assist – wouldn’t you think? There seems to be an app for nearly everything today.


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We heard the Twins (and other major league baseball teams) have started their spring training. It might seem early to us here in Minnesota after we sat through over a week of brutally cold weather, but that’s why our team heads to Fort Myers for their spring training.

Who knows what this season will bring as far as fan participation is concerned? Will there be fans in the stands? We’re sure the players would appreciate hearing real cheers coming from real people rather than cheers from speakers.

There are a lot of people who would love to have fans back in the stadiums. The list would include the gate employees, vendors, janitors, and even parking lot attendants. It might be pretty hard to come up with a number when it concerns the amount of money lost to COVID – we’re sure the number is pretty big – even if you only consider what’s been missing in regard to professional sports alone, much less the billions lost from other cancelled activities.

Maybe the vaccine will get into arms faster and we can start returning to a normal, activity filled lifestyle. One can hope.

Have A Good Week!

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