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By Mike Austreng, Editor

It’s pretty natural for parents to want what’s best for their kids. Most parents make sacrifices so their kids can have it better than they did. There isn’t much that wouldn’t be done if a child needs something.

Some parents might carry this notion too far; some might favor one child over another. This happens all the time and not too many families could deny it – we’re not perfect.

Then you have the families with influence. Families that sit in a position of power. Families that have an abundance of wealth and use it to buy a better life for their children.

We’ve learned that this past week on the television news. Parents paying bribe money to get their kids into a specific college. Parents paying other students to take the SAT test for their child so they might be approved to enroll in a college that’s not easy to gain enrollment. Parents paying millions to be sure their kids are allowed to attend a desired college.

Meanwhile, many of the honest, and maybe less fortunate kids are being turned away because there wasn’t room.

To make it more interesting the news channels showed a video of one of the daughters of a celebrity, who paid a lot of money to gain enrollment for their child, telling those watching that she didn’t really want to be in college and was basically most interested in the parties. Sad because that person was taking the place of someone who might be gifted, but just couldn’t afford to pay the bribe.

There will be people going to jail over the recent news. It’s probably going to be very interesting to see how long this has been happening and how many people will find themselves in trouble. Not to mention the decline of the reputation of the schools where this happened.


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Should you, or shouldn’t you buy flood insurance. As the rain fell last week and the snow melted and we watched puddles of water showing up places we haven’t seen them before we wonder how high the river will get this spring. It’s been a number of years since this was a concern, but the snow of this winter has piled up higher than we’ve seen in a lot of years.

It’s going to be interesting watching the water raise at the dam in Cold Spring, but there will be homes that are going to need to be sandbagged to keep water from entering.

If you’re thinking about flood insurance we believe there’s a waiting period from the time you buy until the time it will benefit you so you might want to hurry.


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Isn’t it interesting (and maybe frustrating) how long politicians work on their campaign? There’s a long line of Democrats expressing their interest in running for the office of President in 2020. Many of them are on the campaign trail already, talking to small groups all over. We don’t know all of their names or where they are from, but we believe most of them hold an office already and what that tells us is that they aren’t doing the job they were elected to do when they are spending time campaigning. Unfortunately that’s how things work in the political ring and we’ll be hearing more and more from people wanting their name on the ballot in 2020. Since the campaigning has already started it’s going to be a relief when we can go to the polls and finish another campaign season.

Have A Good Week!

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