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By Mike Austreng, Editor

If you pay attention to the news of late you’ve heard about the alligations of sexual harassment being brought forth by many women and against several political men and members of the entertainment industry.

This is a sad situation...not for the men, but for the women who have to come forward to get their stories heard. Most of the alligations were from incidents that happened many years ago. What’s coming to the surface is how men in position of power or fame use that position to mistreat some of the women around them.

It’s interesting that these claims are coming forward now. Is it politically induced? Is it because someone had the courage to get her story told and it inspired others to come forward?

Either way the claims are being made public by several women, against several men – men in powerful positions. If the claims are true those men should be not only ashamed, but made to pay for their actions. Even though the claims are from many years ago, the assaults happened and the women stayed silent out of fear.

Not only women have come forward, but men have made claims to being sexually assaulted too. Maybe these incidents happened in a different era of our lives when men thought their actions were “normal” and the victims didn’t come forward because of their fears, but it doesn’t make it right, nor acceptable.

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There was another school shooting last week in Northern California. A crazed gunman drove his truck through the closed fence, shot at buildings, entered the school and started firing his weapon at nothing in particular.

Quick thinking by school staff saved dozens of lives because when a lock down was announced staff had to time get children inside side rooms and lock doors. The report we read said there was one six-year old shot in the chest and foot (or leg) and because staff quickly attended to him he is expected to live.

Later news reports varied as to how many died, one report told us it was five, including the shooter who also killed his wife.

All these shootings, including the one in Las Vegas, are so sad to hear about and we seem to be hearing about them more and more often with less and less time in between.

Each time a shooting occurs there’s a renewed cry for gun control. Being we openly admit to owning several guns we don’t want our right to bare arms guaranteed us by the second ammendment of the United State Constitution.

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Should there be restrictions? Personally, we don’t see a reason for someone to own an automatic weapon. Just eliminating those would prove nearly impossible and wouldn’t solve our problem. A gunman with a weapon that holds anywhere up to 30 rounds can inflict a lot of damage before he is stopped.

A lot of people point their fingers at mental illness – it is true, anyone who would go to any building (or anywhere there are a lot of people) and start shooting to kill is definitely mentally ill. The question is, how do you detect that illness early enough to prevent a tragedy? And what in the world is going on that we see such an increase in gun violence?

Until someone can answer those questions and start figuring out how to solve that issue, the only thing we can do as a society is figure out how to keep people as safe as possible. Schools have made efforts and practiced “lock downs” and those efforts proved successful in Northern California this past week.

Have A Good Week!

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