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fBy Mike Austreng, Editor

We didn’t plan to watch the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, we were kind of forced to because they were on the channel we usually watch. We didn’t catch all of the hearing – didn’t really have to since news coverage of the hearing was pretty extensive.

In our opinion the whole issue is a joke. Not because we don’t believe the woman accusing him of sexually assaulting him, not because we don’t believe the judge himself, but because it’s become such a circus of “dirty” politics.

Who we should believe will never be clear. Do we believe the accuser? Do we believe the nominee? Do we believe the Democrats? Do we believe the Republicans?

The truth is, the truth will NEVER come out. We’ll never know who’s telling the truth or who’s stretching the truth, or even who’s outright not telling the truth at all.

We called this “dirty” politics because the Democrats are being accused of holding back information they’ve had for weeks until just before the vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court – a lifelong appointment (if the nominee so chooses). At this point we’re not sure if the Republicans had the same information, but didn’t want it to come out in the open.

What we do sense is that this appointment is extremely important to both sides and it seems there are no limits to what will be done to either deny the confirmation, or affirm it.

Democrats were calling for an FBI investigation. Republicans finally agreed. What’s interesting is the Judge Kavanaugh has been investigated seven times by the FBI – once each time he has advanced in the ranks of his career – never was anything found to stop his advancement.

This whole process brings up a lot of questions. One of them for us is, how far back do we go into a person’s life to dig up dirt? Is high school and college action fair game 30, 40, 50 years later in a person’s life? Certainly the high school and college days of most of us were much different than our current lives. All of us become different people as we age – it’s called maturity; it’s brought on by the events of our lives and the lessons we learn along the way. Not many of us in our 40s, 50s, 60s or later are the same person we were before we turned 20! It doesn’t matter if we lean to the left or to the right, we mature as we get older.

Not that we were a horrible kid before we turned 20, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be judged today for something we did when we were 20. None of us would, no matter how innocent our actions were in our earlier years.

What’s unfortunate about what politics has turned into is how people’s lives are affected. Neither Ms. Ford’s, nor Mr. Kavanaugh’s lives will be the same going forward.

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What’s even more unfortunate about recent accusations and the process all parties were subject to is that it’s going to become more and more difficult for anyone to want to be nominated for these positions. All it takes is an accusation (true or false, but especially false) to ruin someone’s reputation — to most of us our reputation means an awful lot. Who could blame the next person nominated to flat out deny it so they don’t have to be raked over the coals and have their entire life scrutized?

Even today’s political ads have gotten ridiculous. There are very few that help us understand the values of any particular candidate. All we hear is how bad the opponent is. We’ve said this a long time ago, but wouldn’t it be nice if all candidates were required to run on their own platform and weren’t allowed to mention anything about their opponent?

We’re not sure about you, but we’re sure glad there’s only a few weeks left until the election is over and those elected can get back to doing their jobs instead of focusing on their campaigns.

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Last week we heard about a young man who was going to go bow hunting. He had to go to Bauer Auto to get something out of another vehicle. He left the “Frogtown” area and headed to Bauer’s. When he got to Bauer Auto he discovered the tailgate of the truck he was driving was open and the his bow (which was in a case with his range finder and other equipment) had fallen out.

This young man earned his own money to pay for the equipment. The family did an extensive search for the bow, but didn’t find it. Since this is a relatively short distance and the bow wasn’t found, it would tell us someone found the bow and equipment.

The bow is a Matthews and the young man who lost it would really appreciate getting it back. If you found this, you can contact us at the Record and we will contact the family.

Have A Good Week!

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