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By Mike Austreng, Editor

News this past week included another chemical bombing in Syria. Reports showed people being hosed down to rinse chemicals from their bodies. Other images included dead bodies of women, children and men. A news article we read said 75 died, but didn’t mention how many were injured.

Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – around the world is waiting for a reaction from America. President Trump hasn’t been specific about what his response will be.

More recent news stories tell us the attack was staged. The whole idea is to put fear in people. How sick is that? With this in mind we wonder if President Trump was correct in not responding immediately while facts were gathered.

Is this just more “fake news”? If it is, you’d wonder why anyone would take the risk of retaliation when the goal was just to strike fear in people?

What’s wrong with people these days?

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As we sit at our computer on Friday morning (when we traditionally write this column) looking outside at very grey skies, knowing the forecast calls for several inches of snow by the end of the day on Saturday, it doesn’t set us up for being in a very good mood.

For us it’s simply for selfish reasons that we want better weather. We love spring, summer and fall because we like to do things outside. We’ll go as far as to say we don’t mind mowing our lawn because it gets us outside. Warmer weather would allow us to dust off the golf clubs, get the motorcycle on the road, and maybe we’ll get our boat in the water this year. Sitting inside watching it snow in the middle of April isn’t how we’d describe “fun”.

Being on the board of directors at the golf course we have a much deeper understanding of how much this cold weather (with snow still on the ground) hurts golf courses. No golfers means no revenue. Many, many golf courses across our state struggle to make it through winter. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there aren’t expenses and bank accounts get a little thin starting about March. Last year by this time we were already golfing for about a month and the course had a month’s worth of revenue flowing. This year, not yet and the loss of this time will never be recovered.

How about lawn care companies? We’d guess during a normal year they’ve been out applying fertilizer and weed killer to lawns by now. The other side of lawn care are those who mow lawns. We’d guess in a normal year they’d have been doing some lawn care work, whether it be mowing or aerating or dethatching – this year, nothing yet.

Maybe Mother Nature will have a talk with Old Man Winter after this weekend and tell him to leave us alone – before all our snowbirds, who have returned, decide to turn around and head south again.

Turn your thoughts to high school sports that are played outside. Baseball, softball, golf, soccer, cross country, to name a few – all waiting to get their seasons going. Most having to practice however they can, indoors. The extended forecast looks like we’ll finally get to “normal” next week with temperatures in the 50’s. Maybe then the robins will return to our yard?

Have A Good Week!

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