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By Mike Austreng, Editor

Another school shooting – 17 dead, others injured. Our nation grieves for the Florida school students, staff and parents.

Naturally gun control advocates are jumping at this opportunity; mental illness proponents are again screaming it’s time to fix our society.

The suspect in this case didn’t turn the gun on himself when he was done reeking havoc, he dropped his gun, took off the vest he was wearing and “blended” in with the students leaving the school. He then went to a Walmart to buy something to drink at a Subway there and to McDonalds. Only after leaving McDonalds was he apprehended. He had purchased the assault rifle he used legally about a year ago when he was 18.

Gun control supporters will say it’s time to take away guns. Does anyone know how difficult that would be? We don’t have a source to tell us how many homes (in Minnesota alone) have guns in them, but we’ll bet that number is much higher than those that don’t have guns, and it wouldn’t be fair to “control” guns to the point that our second ammendment right was taken away.

We’ll openly admit that we own guns. Our last count was ten guns. Most are for hunting; a few are kept for sentimental reasons; two could be classified as “for protection”. We don’t own any assault rifles and our fear is that if we control assault rifles it could be the first step to controlling all guns – honestly, we can’t see that becoming a reality. We also can’t understand the need to own an assault rifle, except to be able to claim you own an assault rifle – and maybe some target shooting?

Maybe the legal age to purchase a weapon needs to be higher? Then again, the suspect in another fairly recent shooting got his weapon from his family’s home, shot his mom and proceeded to the school.

Florida’s shooter was investigated by the FBI not long ago when he posted on YouTube “I’m going to be a professional school shooter” – after investigating, the FBI ran into a deadend while trying to track him down.

Do we have an answer? Not really. It’s very sad that our society has turned to a place where anyone would even think about taking a gun to school, much less actually point it at someone and pull the trigger.

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One comment we heard on the news was from a parent who said he was shocked by the news and it goes to show us that this can happen anywhere. We know that here since we went through our own school shooting.

Something that might get lost in these tragedies is all those people who will live with this incident for the rest of their lives. It’s sad to think we need to be concerned with not only terrorists striking any time or any place, but now we need to be extra alert to signs that someone might be on the edge of doing something tragic.

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Finally! A break in the weather. Isn’t it sad when anything near 40 feels like short sleeve weather, but it did last week.

If the weather people are right by the time you read this we all will have shoveled or plowed several inches of snow. Isn’t it funny how a winter like this one has the weather folks telling us we’re in for a “significant” snow event and continue with “up to four inches” – is that really significant?

Have A Good Week!

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