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fBy Mike Austreng, Editor

The government shut down doesn’t look to have an end – at least at the time of this writing – unless one side (better yet, both sides) gives a little in an effort to show good faith.

Our regular television programing was interrupted last week so President Trump could tell us the Democrats won’t agree to providing funds to give border security experts what they need (a wall) to beef up the security at the Mexican border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border and into the United States.

President Trump went on to cite a bunch of statistics about rapes and murders and drugs. He promised the government would remain shut down as long as it took to change the democrats’ minds.

Immediately following Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer were given an unprecedented opportunity to rebute Trump’s speech – they blamed our government shutdown on President Trump, claiming the “wall” is too expensive and there are other ways to tighten the security at the borders.

This shutdown is not only harming 800,000 employees, but it also stretches out to companies (and individuals) who have contracts with the government to provide services – one example we read about was a 71- year-old woman who has a part-time janitorial job for the Department of Agriculture. Her pension and social security don’t make ends meet, so she takes on the additional work.

There are other examples of how this shutdown not only has an effect on government employees, but also on the people those employees provided services for.

We’ve said this before, a real fast way to stopping this shutdown would be to withhold the pay to our congress men and women. We think that would get their attention a lot faster – besides, this situation is their fault – one side or the other needs to back down off their high horse and get something done.

Nobody can sit back and point a finger at either side and be right, both sides are at fault. The Republicans and President Trump are refusing to approve a budget unless there are funds for the “wall” and blaming the Democrats for not agreeing to this while Democrats are pointing their fingers at the Republicans and the President saying it’s their fault for insisting on receiving the funding and not looking at other ways to accomplish better security. It’s become a chip on the shoulder battle that nobody seems willing to bend on.

In the meantime there are about 800,000 government employees not getting paid and probably looking for different jobs.


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Almost three months ago we all heard news about a 13-year-old girl’s parents being murdered and the girl went missing. Droves of people volunteered their time to help search for the girl, but nothing came up. The searches continued and there was constantly information and requests for assistance. Then one day (last Thursday) breaking news gave us information that the girl was found alive, a suspect had been arrested – we wrote this column a couple hours before a press conference was held that promised more information.

The 13-year-old girl was found about an hour from her home in northern Wisconsin. As time went on there were probably less and less people expecting this outcome and we’ll all be interested in learning more of the details.

The good news is she’s alive and family and friends are relieved. We can’t imagine what this young girl has been through and what she faces, but she is alive and hopefully she’ll get the help she needs.


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